Who am I?

  • I am a leader of international Divine Feminine Creatrix retreats (....I bring women to sacred spaces all over the world to connect with themselves and each other through expressive arts, movement, Qoya, breath work, guided meditation....and much more).  
    Upcoming Retreats include : Japan, Paris, and Hawaii.
  • I guide women into their creativity, sensuality, and divine femininity.
  • I am a coach, teacher and healer : a coach is doing what you want to be doing,  is where you want to be and is your step-by-step guide on how to get there. It's different from therapy. 
  • I am an art therapist with a thriving practice with clients i adore in a magical brownstone brick-and-mortar office, complete with twinkle lights, citrine, and the meanest cup of tea this side of the Mississippi.  
  • I am a Qoya teacher: offering classes and workshops in DC & beyond...
  • I am being trained as a tantric coach (breath work, meditation practices, jade eggs.... but I never put hands on clients & we are always fully clothed ).
  • I am a mother of a 5 year old who is obsessed with drawing hearts, growing fairy gardens for rose baths, wearing pendulum, and sage~ing the house as a morning ritual.
  • I am a foodie who loves rosewater ice cream as much as her koji chicken.
  • I am an initiator, integrator and believer in the saying { by oprah } :: opportunity is luck meeting preparation.

My questions to you? 

  • You want an inspired life?
  • You wish to be seen when you cannot see yourself?
  • You are so ready to take your Divine Feminine self out into the world. Your business. Your life.

    BUT... don't know how, or are afraid, to shine || to own your space in the world or in your relationships.

 The part of you that brought you here knows that you have so much more to live, love, give, receive, savor, desire, travel, and explore in this life (even if on paper it looks you have accomplished so much).  

I have guided hundreds of women through my practice x on my travels / retreats as a coach, teacher and healer and worked with over 10,000 therapy clients for 15 years. 

I will teach you how to embody, know, speak, live, express, and create your authentic truth.  

As a random side note :: thoughts on Wanderlust? It's a non-negotiable. // I traveled to 5 countries x 9 states last year, as an artivist for women x teens healing through the arts x as a mother x someone who adores hiking Macchu Pichu as much as wine tasting below the Louvre. 


I am seeking curious souls to make all of this happen. Must believe in miracles.