Hello there, 

You are a woman on the path of awakening. 
You have done your work.  You continue to read, listen, meditate, and practice.  
You are hungry to know the answers.

  • What are my gifts and power? What am I meant to do in the world?
  • What is my sacred work in the world (aka : when I leave this job, what kind of work will really fill me up and make good money)?
  • How do I fall back in love with my person or how do I find my beloved?
  • What questions should I be asking?
  • What should I be seeking?
  • How will I know?

You are chasing your Truth or the Truth.  
You are more curious about life and happier than you have ever been as you seek the knowing, answers, and Truthes.
You want to be found by you, your tribe, and your beloved (if they are here or not yet).
You are filled with (or want to be filled with) reverence, awe, and wonder for the unknown that is your next step and who you are becoming.

If you are feeling lost any of this, I can help you to find yourself and your way.

I'm Amy.  Your guide, teacher, healer, and mentor...

  • I bring women to sacred spaces all over the world to connect with themselves and each other through expressive arts, movement, Qoya, breath work, guided meditation....and much more.  
    Upcoming Retreats include : Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in February, Mount Shasta, California in July, and Japan in November.
  • I guide women into their creativity, sensuality, and divine femininity.
  • I am a guide, teacher and healer offering you a process for you to see and claim your power and gifts. It's different from therapy. 
  • I am an trained as art therapist and a consultant for The Daring Way with a thriving private practice in Washington, DC with a cozy fire place.
  • I am a Qoya teacher: offering classes and workshops in DC & beyond...
  • I am being trained as a tantric coach (breath work, meditation practices, jade eggs.... but I never put hands on clients & we are always fully clothed ).

Did you conjure me?  Perhaps you womanfested or mamafested me? You aren't the first or the last to speak, write, dance, pray, or call me into your life.  

I am here to help you remember who you have always been.  I am here to connect you to the parts of you that have been awaiting you to come home to you for decades or even lifetimes.  

My Invitation to You in Our Work & Play Together

  • See  your light (gifts, power, love, or magic) that everyone sees in you, but you can't seem to see or own yourself
  • Dislodge the parts of you that are entrenched in living, believing, and continuing to repeat the same stuff that really doesn't work or serve you or your highest good.

  • Release living small.  You don't need to have a plan, know why or how, or have any steps or excel spreadsheet. 

  • Shattering the glass ceiling that your ego has created for you (because really, she made it to to protect you) and to dreaming bigger than anything your ego can currently imagine.  

  • Joy, Celebration, Pleasure, Ease, Effortlessness, or Miracles aren't in your current repertoire, but you'd like to know what they feel like or how to have more.

I have guided hundreds of women through my practice x on my travels / retreats as a guide, teacher and healer and worked with over 10,000 therapy clients for 15 years.  I'm a unicorn in Washington, DC, Paris, Japan, LA, and most places.  I can help you to deeply heal and clear old patterning and invite the sacred (all of you and it) back into your heart, life, and soul.  

I believe that you and everyone is whole and complete, just as you are.  Nothing is broken....and you're not doing it wrong.  I will teach you how to embody, know, speak, live, express, and create your authentic truth.  

It is the biggest honor of my life to do this sacred work of helping women to awaken to live, love and lead from their gifts and power.  

I deeply trust that there is a guide, teacher, healer, or therapist for everyone.  Thank you to the part of you that brought you here.  She knows that you have so much more to live, love, give, receive, savor, desire, travel, and explore in this life (even if on paper it looks you have accomplished so much).  She will let you know if we should work or play together.  If I am, let's do this. 

Sending blessings for you to step into the highest iteration of yourself,