You are most likely here because you have been at it ("the work") for some time.  You are so tired of feeling like you can't get what you want in this one place in your life because you have an incredible life otherwise.  You may also be here because you have a deep longing that you are being called into something bigger.  All cis and trans women are welcome to the work with me.  

The next scheduled retreat is in Japan November 2019. Email amy@amytatsumi.com to join the waitlist.




A transformational retreat with me is no small investment. 

What differentiates #RetreatswithAmy ?

Many people offering women's work are either grounded in theory/academia, which often creates distance and shame in the process or are spiritual/intuitive without training in how to help people release trauma/old body-mind patterning in safe grounded ways or give resources around self-soothing or self-regulation (handling pain, suffering, anger, rage, grief, sadness, loneliness....).  While those distinct models are helpful on their own, they don't typically create lasting transformation.

My retreats are different because Miyuki Yamamoto, my co-retreat guide and I have blended backgrounds.  We are able to get people through their blocks, release the stuckness, pain or fear of feeling the feelings in a sacred safe inclusive space.  We also teach sustaining resources and tools that help you for years to come from leaning how to trust yourself and your knowing (intuition) to learning the difference between your ego's agenda and your soul's truth to learning how to connect with your guides to name a few.  Our process creates lasting transformation.

Miyuki is trained as a hospice nurse, and I am trained as art psychotherapist.  We have extensive advanced training in attachment (relationships), lineage/ancestry, trauma, and somatic (the body).  Between us, we have over 30 years of working with clients. We are also both highly intuitive and have our own spiritual practices.  We have also done extensive personal work and continue to work on ourselves.  

Our outcomes are phenomenal because we are technical experts and have deep spiritual ways to support you in your knowing, thriving, making meaning, and creating impact/legacy in your life, community, relationships, and work. You can read praise about our work here.  

Most people come to our work through directly working with us individually or from a referral from another woman who has been on retreat with us. 

All of our retreats are curated with the a selection of women who are on a shared path with experiences from the moment you say YES to long after you are with us to support your evolution.  

I invite you to schedule a skype, zoom or google hangout out with Miyuki and/or me.  We would love to support your transformation.  Email me at amy@amytatsumi.com to schedule.

Moving from Stand Alone Retreats to a 3 Year Program

Miyuki and I have been working together for 4 years, and she has been offering work of this nature for 12 years.  We have learned a lot from our individual and shared experiences with women all over the world.  We know that people long for deep lasting change.  While one time retreats have had incredible outcomes for women in my community, we know that women want to have support, consistency, depth, and resources to take them to the next level and wildest soul longings.  

Our work together is moving to a 3 Year Program beginning in May of 2019.  We'll be working with a group of 10 women.  We won't offer this again until 2022.  To be eligible for this 2019 Cohort, you will have needed to have completed an international 7 day retreat with us or the August WV Retreat.  The 3 Program is full and registration is closed.

Outside of the 3 Year Program, Miyuki and I will offer 1 stand alone retreat a year, and I will offer 1 day workshops.  We don’t have any planned for 2019.

If you interest has been peaked or your soul is being called, please connect with me amy@amytatsumi.com

Upcoming Opportunities  

 3 Year Program : Begins May 2019.  : ONE SPACE OPEN.
We are offering a 10 Women Group for 3 years of deep transformation into thriving and creating impact in your relationship with yourself, others & in your community.
Each Year Includes:
*3 DC Based 3 Day Retreats (not sleepover)
*One 7 Day International Retreat
* On the months when we don't meet in person, 2 Two hour classes with tools, accountability & homework
*Requires August Retreat 2018 or 7 Day International Retreat Required to Apply to the 3 Year Program.  Japan or NZ Retreat 2018 are the only upcoming retreats that would qualify if you have not previously been on retreat with us.
*Registration is full & Complete.




Collectively, Amy and Miyuki have offered over 40 retreats. In 2018, they are offering 6 transformational retreats together.  They have collaborated in a number of retreats over the past few years.  They are kindred spirits, who hold space for women's dreams, desires, releases, and becomings in deep, meaningful, and magical ways.  


Amy weaves her passion for soul connection & extensive training in expressive arts therapy, trauma & attachment somatic psychotherapy, mind body work, Embodied Gestalt Sex Therapy, breath work, & Qoya for over 15 years into her retreats with a touch of magic, lifestyle curation & je ne sais quoi.  


Miyuki developed her professional services during more than 20 years while living and working in 3 countries: Japan, U.S.A. (12 years), & Australia (6 years). She was initially trained as a hospice nurse and later pursued a career in psychology, mind-body therapy, & energy healing. She now resides in Kumamoto, Japan, and her private practice includes time shared with one-on- one clients, group workshops, trainings, university lectures, & corporate clients. She published her first 2 books (in Japanese: “Transforming Your Self- image through body awareness,”  & “Free yourself from Negative Body Image”) this year.

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Participation the August 2018 Retreat, Japan 2018 Retreat or NZ Retreat are  required to be able to Apply to the 2019 Mastermind.