Soul Pilgrimage 

                                           November 11-18, 2017

The Japan Retreat is a pilgrimage of the soul:  The mountains of Aso called Amy and Miyuki Yamamoto to gather a circle of women in the autumn sacred holding space of Japan to offer a portal of soul sistering, becoming, and belonging.

The coven of women who are coming together to reconnect with their Divine Feminine are in the midst of their becoming.  

Each woman deeply senses that she is much more vast than who or what she has been, done, lived, or loved.

You know that something more is meant to be :: your unfolding dreams, desires and destiny are seeking you. 
Yet struggle, uncertainty, fear, confusion, and doubt find you here too.

Our retreat in Japan will support you moving into your next iteration and help you to get unblocked to fulfill the next step in your soul's pilgramige in this lifetime.  We will create space and connections for you to become.   

We will create experiences
through sacred sisterhood, expressive arts, movement, Qoya, guided imagery, tantric breath work, and connection to the land that will create portals of knowing, belonging, and coming home in your essence (heart, body & soul).  Being witnessed by and connecting with this coven, you will have a remembrance of who you are and who you have always been (possibly even through lifetimes). 

From this place of your essence that has always been yours, you can live, love, create, dance, and rock out or into what has been seeking you.


Our week together will be spacious for our coven.  Amidst the abundance of fall colors in the coziness of our ryokan with tea,  rituals & traditions, hot baths (onsen), and day trips, we will guide you into the embodied soul space of surrendering, offering, & receiving around the Sacred Feminine.  

We will delve into desires & dreaming.

We will explore what has been seeking you.

We will cultivate inspiration, creativity & connection.

We will harness embodied wisdom through practices & rituals.

We will be nourished by the land, meals, meditation, the moon, & healing waters.


If you are a yes to the journey with our coven, we would love for you to join us.

DAY TRIP :: Takachiho Gorge

We will travel to this mystical healing site that was created during an ancient eruption of Mount Aso. Manai waterfall flows into the valley from the mythical Ten Manai source.  There are a number of sacred sites in the area that we will explore through ritual and the Feminine Divine.


DAY TRIP :: Sacred Sites

We will spend a day exploring sacred ancient sites and magical landscapes with stunning views of nature and the fall colors.  

We will go to the cave in Shintoism where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine met and the Feminine gave light back to the world.  

We will walk under waterfalls and feel the power of the land.  

We will hold rituals guiding you into the connection with the land, space, sisters, and you.



Collectively, Amy and Miyuki have offered over 40 retreats.  They have collaborated in a number of retreats over the past few years.  They are kindred spirits, who hold space for women's dreams, desires, releases, and becomings in deep, meaningful, and magical ways.  



Amy weaves her passion for soul connection & extensive training in expressive arts therapy, mind body work, & Qoya for over 15 years into her retreats with a touch of magic, lifestyle curation & je ne sais quoi.  



Miyuki developed her professional services during more than 20 years while living and working in 3 countries: Japan, U.S.A. (12 years), & Australia (6 years). She was initially trained as a hospice nurse and later pursued a career in psychology, mind-body therapy, & energy healing. She now resides in Kumamoto, Japan, and her private practice includes time shared with one-on- one clients, group workshops, trainings, university lectures, & corporate clients. She published her first 2 books (in Japanese: “Transforming Your Self- image through body awareness,”  & “Free yourself from Negative Body Image”) this year.


Our Aso Healers : Yoshiyuki, Miami, Michio, Miyuki, Jun, Ramona

We will work with each of these amazing local healers, teachers and artists during our week in Japan.

Yoshiyuki Kitazato: Integrative body worker, Pilates instructor

Mami Morishita: Integrative Body Worker

Michio Sakata: Integrative Body worker who incorporates cranial Sacral, herbal remedies and Kinesiology

Jun Yoshioka: School teacher, a farmer, Buddhist monk, musician, a integrative body worker

Ramona (Chinatsu Ikekawa): Healing artist who incorporates Henna art, energy work and Japanese traditional arts and crafts.  See a video of Ramona's demo for our art making process here